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  • Remember to always pull up the dust cover of the lock box.
  • It is NOT recommended to use a combination like “1-1-1-1”
  • Turn the dial frequently to make sure it works
  • DO NOT FORGET your 4 digit combination, otherwise you will not be able to open the lock box

    Setting New Combination:

    Step 1) Push down the dust cover of the storage lock box.
    Step 2) Open the key lock box with the default combination (0-0-0-0).
    Step 3) Slide the metal pin to the RESET position.
    Step 4) Rotate dials to set your new 4 digit combination.
    Step 5) Slide the metal pin back to the original position. Your NEW combination code has been set.

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Personalized Key Holder with 12 Design, 3 Rich Wood Options | Housewarming Gift for Couples, Custom Key Ring Holder for Wall, Wedding Gifts for Couple – Mr and Mrs Key Rack


✔Our personalized key holders can be a great addition to your home décor. It simply captures the attention of anyone who sees it. Our unique key hangers have a classic touch to them. They are very attractive and make your entryway, hallway or door look very charming. This is the way to wow your guests and yourself.

Available in several colors and designs, our decorative key holder will fit just about any space. Finally, a perfect place for your keys!

Perfect Way to Show How Thoughtful You Are – Whether housewarming present, wedding gift, engagement gift, shower or anniversary gift, this is a thoughtful present to give.

How Easy to Mount? It measures 5″ tall by 11″ wide and comes with two keyhole slots on the back for easy and secure hanging.

♥ This also makes a great lovely addition to your home. Don’t lose your keys anymore and secure it on your wall.

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The Friendly Swede Set of 2 Premium 350 lb Paracord Keychains Key-Rings with Carabiners, EDC for Survival, Car, Motorcycle (Black + Sky Blue)

1 x 6″ Premium colorful branded 350 lb paracord keychain with carabiner
1 x 6″ Premium black branded 350 lb paracord keychain with carabiner

NOTE: The carabiner is sturdy and durable, but not to be served as mountaineering buckle.

all ages.

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