Handful of Keys

Comprehensive four CD anthology of tracks recorded by one of the true geniuses of jazz piano. Includes booklet with rare photographs, full session details, & comprehensive liner notes. Proper Music. 2004.

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Fairy Tail Key Blade 24pcs Keychain Necklace Pendant Cosplay Collection Set 2017

Lumia:Fairy Tail key Blade Lucy keychain Necklace Pendant Cosplay Collection Set

Fairy Tail: a Slayers are from thing to crusade against the monster and other kinds of work to the intermediary organization, guild member is composed of many powerful mage. In the guild master gathered, positive and negative reputation of guild is very high,To allure Shakespeare, Naz, gray headed often in performing their duties regardless of the consequences of wantonly destroyed, resulting in President often have to accept all the criticism, and sign all huge compensation payments, public spending more should not be overlooked. With the eponymous spectre dominated guild relationship of bad, spectre attack cause guild buildings were destroyed, they through the efforts of the rebuilt a more luxurious public venue.

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Koolertron Single-Handed Programmable Mechanical Keyboard with OEM Gateron Red Switch,All 48 Programmable Keys Tools Keypad,8 Macro Keys, PBT Keycaps.[SMKD72-A]

User can download the keyboard configuration software from URL on user manual. Compatible with Windows 7,8,10, Mac OS, Linux. (Windows XP incompatibled)
If you can’t find the software download link, please feel free to contact us.
Apple computer and Linux users need to set the keyboard under the Windows 7/8/10. Once set, it will be stored in the keyboard’s MCU, and then get the keyboard to use under Apple computer/Linux

Programmable Keys:
Create both single key and macro definitions, with the ability to activate a combo with the single press of the key. The macro editor also allows users to set and edit the millisecond delays between keystrokes.

Key number: 48
Keyboard switch: OEM Gateron Red
Keystroke force: 45±15cN
Backlit: No backlit
All 48 keys are programmable, 8 Macro Keys
Interface: Mini USB
Rating: DC 5V, <100mA
Key speed: 1-100ms
1M detachable USB cable
Keyboard configuration software based on Windows

Package Included:
1 x 48 Keys Professional Single-Handed Keyboard
1 x USB Cable
Gift Accessories
1 x English User Manual

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