Leather Key Ring Holder High End Keychain Handmade Leather Key Chain with Keyring (Black)

* The key chain is specifically designed for car key, belt and waist hanged
* Classic, timeless, elegant design heavy-duty version of top quality key chain with pocket.
The leather is 100% first layer full grain leather rather than cheap plastic leather. First layer leather is well known for preserving natural beauty with superior durability and air permeability.

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The KeyCatch by KeySmart: A Modern Magnetic Key Rack (6 Pack)

The Keysmart KeyCatch makes key storage a breeze. No more hunting and searching for your missing keys – the KeyCatch turns an everyday light switch into a functional key rack.Makes key storage easy by turning your light switch panel into a functional key rackNo drilling, leveling or mounting requiredSimply replace the bottom screw of any light switch with the KeyCatchNever lose your keys againCompatible with any light switchSupports up to 3 poundsQuick installationCombines a modern design with discreet placementThe KeyCatch consists of a neodymium magnet, carbonate housing and a stainless steel screwEach KeyCatch includes six units

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REALTOR KEY LOCK BOX Safe Vault With Combination 4 Pin Lock – Portable Realtor Mount Keys Outdoor Master Store keys 321 Locks© – Door Handle or Chain Link Fence Mount – Heavy Duty Slimline Storage

Never Get Locked Out Again Every get locked out of your home, you closed the door behind you and you realized you left your keys inside? Or you left your keys somewhere or miss placed them? Perfect for Medical Alert System Emergency Entry In an emergency situation where you pressed your help button for help and the emergency services, friends and family are on their way, how can they gain access to your home. A key lock box is the solution. Avoid the high cost of repairs of the emergency services kicking in your door and wasn’t valuable time when you need help. Easy to Install Simple find the door knob or a pipe like an external gas pipe or fence you would like to attach the lock box to, open the lock box and hook around the object. Easy to Use. The key safe default code is 0000. The simple to follow instructions provided will show you how to change the code to your desired 4 digit code anytime you like. Heavy Duty and Durable Construction

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