VIERGUTZ Faraday Box, Car Key Fob Box, RFID Signal Blocker Pouch Anti-Theft case. Faraday cage Protector (Black Horizontal)

Faraday Key Fob to protect your car key against thiefs. With this box your key is secure

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VIERGUTZ Faraday Key fob Protector Box, Car Key Fob Box, RFID Signal Blocker Pouch Anti-Theft case. Faraday cage Protector (Black Long)

The Viergutz Keyfob Faraday Box shields keyfobs and other small electronics from radio frequency signals wich are smartly “always on”. The Box is developed & designed in Germany! This Box works like a Faraday Bag, to prevent criminals from using keyfob skimming tools to copy or mimic your keyfob’s unique signal/wireless code to gain access to your vehicle or keyless entry system. But the huge diffrence, it looks way more elegant and luxury. keeps thieves away no Relay hacking possible easy and handy to open let you concentrate in the important things Prevent criminals from steeling your car. Once a device is properly enclosed in this charming cage, no signal can penetrate or be hacked. The Viergutz Keyfob Faraday Box should be used as a preventative measure for vehicle and data security. Protect your Car! What is a Faraday Bag? It is a structure that blocks the passage of radio signals. Why do you need the Faraday Bag? Modern keyless fobs carry identification chips that pick up radio signals sent out by their car. The vehicle recognizes the fob when it’s in range and unlocks the doors. Keyless ignition systems work in the same way – enabling cars to start when the key fob is detected in the cabin. Criminals can exploit this via a wireless relay attack. Using a radio frequency relay booster, it’s possible to pick up and then transmit a key fob signal to trick the car into thinking a fob is present. Thanks to its 100% signal jamming capability, faraday bag can completely isolate your fob to make such attacks impossible – giving you complete peace of mind as a protector against data loss. How does the faraday bag work Our faraday bags make your cars safe by stopping signals being sent or received by your key fob or any other device containing data. Remove your key from the faraday bag and signal reception is restored immedia

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Wall Mounted Key Rack Key Holder Metal Key Hanger 7 Hook Necklace Holder Necklace Organizer Hanging Rack Entryway Storage Organizer Arrow Designed (Black)

A classic design with a functional purpose, this unique gold-tone arrow necklace hanger can actually be used for more than fashion accessories. Featuring a simple Art Deco design, this necklace rack has an eclectic charm that can complement a variety of decors at home or in retail settings. It could also add a sense of fun when used at home or office to hold keys, whistles, work lanyards, or key cards. Whether providing storage for favorite elegant necklaces, or serving as an attractive accent for everyday accessories, this black-tone arrow rack is sure to hit the mark.

Jewelry not included.
Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 13.11 L× 1.89 W ×0.4 H

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