SimbaLux Combo Realtor Lockbox Quality 4 Digit Numeric Combination Real Estate Lock Box, 6-Pack

The SimbaLux® lockbox is a professional REALTOR grade lockbox, used by many real estate agents for years and they love it. It is light weight and super easy to use that your kids will know how to use it too. Homeowners can use it to hold emergency spare keys. You can also leave your key in the lockbox for cleaning lady to access while you go out shopping. There won’t be a need to give a copy of your house key or wait around for them. Contractors or the gas company can gain access using the same convenient way.

The lockbox can be installed at the typical spot such as the front door knob or a more secure location out of sight, such as side yard/backyard water pipe, backdoor, etc. This lockbox is made of high quality Zinc Alloy that is durable and rust free. You can program the pass code easily so you can change it each time after giving it out to someone. Having 4 digits is very secure as it offers 10,000 unique pass codes so it is super secure!

The design of the lockbox focuses on the most critical features in a lockbox.

  • Compatibility: Fits on standard door knobs, water pipe, railings, etc.
  • Fits many keys: Fits up to 3 regular size keys to 5 smaller keys (mailbox, etc.).
  • Ease of use: super easy to use. Easy to reset passcode.
  • Security: able to program to 10,000 unique pass codes using 4 digits from 0 to 9.
  • Light weight: easily held in one palm while the other hand handles the keys.
  • One piece lockbox: hinged door to reduce extra step to install a separate front piece.
  • Rust free: no worry about rain and sprinklers.
  • Durability: made of top quality Zinc Alloy designed to be durable and not afraid of impact or even hammer.
  • Protective shackle layer: protects both the shackle and your door handle.
  • Protective backside padding: protects your door surface.
  • User manual: clear instructions available to operate the lockbox and reset passcode

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Puroma Key Lock Box for House Keys, Realtor’s Waterproof Combination Lockbox Portable Resettable Wall Mounted & Hanging Key Safe Lock Box

Puroma 4-digit combination key lock box makes your home accessible to your trusted friends; perfect for home owners, family members, vacation rentals, property management etc. With Puroma key storage lock box, you don’t need to hide your keys under the carpet, flowerpot or doormat, it is really convenient for daily outdoor sports, home services etc.

Why Us?

Safe and durable: Made of high strength zinc alloy and heavy-duty steel protects the box from hammering and sawing. Flexible shutter shields the dials from rain and snow.
2 ways of using: 1. With the removable shackle, Puroma lock box can hang on door knobs or anywhere you like. 2. You can install the lock box on walls easily with the provided accessories.

How to install the lock box on wall?

1. Draw screw outline.
2. Drill holes on wall.
3. Nail the expansion plug into the hole.
4. Insert and tighten screws.
If you remove the shackle, you can use 2 black rubber stoppers provided to protect the lock box from dust, rust, rain and snow.

How to reset your password?
1. Open the lock box with the defaulted password 0-0-0-0.
2. Push the reset lever to position B
3. Set your own password.
4. Push the reset lever back to position A

Package Contain:

1 * Key lock box
4 * Screw
4 * Expansion plug
4 * Rubber stopper
1 * User manual

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Key Lock Box Wall Mounted, 4 Digit Combination Lock Box for House Key Weatherproof Safe Security Key Storage Lock Box for Outside Realtors Garage Spare Keys

Why we need a secure key storage lock box?
With a lock box with key, you don’t need to carry your locker locks anymore or hide them under the carpet, flowerpot or doormat, only 4-digit combination to get into the house; It is really convenient for daily outdoor sports, friends, relatives and latchkey kids, home services at given time, emergency entry, real estate business.

Please make sure record your password by taking a photo or note after every time reset the password, otherwise, you have no way to get it back.
It’s NOT recommend to use combination such as “0-0-0-0”, otherwise it might be easily cracked.
Please keep the shutter door closed for weather, dirt and grime resistance.
It is recommended to rotate the dials weekly to keep them work properly.

Features :
This key lock box made of zinc alloy, it is providing powerful resistance to cutting, hammering and sawing. And it is non-corrosive, durable and weatherproof.
The 4-digit combination provides 10,000 unique choices, which makes the key storage box have a high security for protect your keys.
And access to your house keys for school kids, friends, home service and emergency entry. It is also a perfect solution for key storage in real estate business.
You can also use this key lock box in the warehouse, garage, office etc, and no need to buy several keys for one lock if many different persons need to open the lock.

Specification :
Material: Zinc Alloy
Color: Black + Grey
Overall Size: 3.35*1.58*7.09 inches / 8.5*4.0*18.0 cm
Internal Size: 2.64*3.54 inches / 6.7*9.0 cm

Package Included:
1 x Key Lock Box
4 x Heavy-duty screws
4 x Plastic expansion plugs
1 x Long screw
1 x User manual

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