Wizardlock Portable Key Storage Lock Box, Set Your Own Combination, 8 Keys Capacity

Key safe storage box is constructed with an aluminum alloy body. Hardened steel shackle plastic coated and padded backing to protect your car and door.

The improved internal space enables secure storage of up to 8 keys. Fits large electronic car keys

Set your own 4-digit combination lock box; reset the combination for thousands of personalized combination code options. Lock box combination is preset to open on 0-0-0-0.

Hang where you want or mount on the wall. The removable shackle fits most ball, biscuit, and tulip door knob styles. Easy to lock to door car handle, tire or trailer hitch. Please refer to the dimensions of the shackle in Figure 7 to check where you can hang.
Comes with 4 screws and nylon expansion dowels for wall mounting. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Inch refer to Image 7.
Exterior dimensions: 4-3/4 in. (H) x 3-1/8 in. (W) x 1-5/16 in. (D);
Shackle diameter 17/48 in., with Inner dimensions 1-7/8 in. (L), 1-5/8 in. (W);
Interior dimensions: 3-3/4 in. (H) x 2-3/8 in. (W) x 7/8 in. (D)
Centimeter refer to Image 8.
Exterior dimensions: 12 cm (H) x 8 cm (W) x 3.4 cm (D);
Shackle diameter 0.9 cm, with Inner dimensions 4.8 cm (L), 4 cm (W);
Interior dimensions: 9.5 cm (H) x 6 cm (W) x 2.3 cm (D)

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Key Lock Box with Code Spare House Key Lock Box with Waterproof Rubber Stopper Set Your Own 4-Digit Combination Resettable Wall Mounted and Door Knob Lock Box for Keys

Key lock box can either be wall mounted or hung anywhere. Not only for indoor & outdoor key storage, the lock box is also perfect to store small valuable items like a spare card key, USB thumb drive, credit card, etc.

1.The initial password key safe is 0000, pushed up in front of a small blackboard cover, you can see the encryption key and a black switch.
2. In case the password is correct, push the black switch online, safe silver panel cover to pop up.

–Change the password–
1.Please Push the RESET lever to position “B”
2. Please Rotate the dials to set your password
3. Please Push the RESET lever to position “A”, and you will Successfully set up new password!
Warm tips: When you set the completion password, please check if the password is correct.

1.Please remember to always hang the product vertically (with the shackle loop up) as intended to prevent against water inadvertently finding a seam.
2.To avoid forgetting your password, you can save it by taking a photo with your phone.
3.To prevent easy password cracking, it is recommended to use 4 digit combination of different.
4.Do not remove the spring steel otherwise it will difficult to open the case.

1 x Key lock box
4 x Screw
4 x Expansion plug
4 x Rubber stopper
1 x User manual

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Iron Lock – Key Lock Box, Combination Portable Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Key Lock Box, 4 Digit Combination Lock Box, Key Lock Box, A/B Switch (Grey, Black)

✅This Portable Lock Box cover goes up and down and when up, it protects the combination from weather, dirt and molded material.
it is important to keep the Protective cover up to protect your combination from sand, salt, dust and other means to prevent the combination from getting stuck.

✅Dimensions between the shackle are a Vertical Clearance of 1.85 in. x 1.6 in.

✅What’s in the box is one key lock box, one removable shackle wrapped in rubber for protection, a hanger hook and a user manual with a lifetime warranty.

✅Large Storage Area for your Keys, Store Keys, I.D.’s, Business Keys and Access Cards.

✅Portable Lock Box is set to open from thousands of personalized four-digit combinations you can choose.

Our Waterproof Portable Key Lock Box is one of the most versatile models out there.
The Iron Lock Box ensures your keys will be safe and you won’t get locked out.
Heavy Duty Weather Resistant Aluminum Alloy Body features a strong Zinc Alloy lock body for durability and a removable shackle making this easy to place anywhere.

Our Black outer layer is one of the strongest plastics made in the World.

Our Portable Key Lock Box is weather resistant, waterproof and scratch resistant.

This Portable Lock Box enables secure storage and keeps your keys and cards protected with your own passcode entry.
Large internal cavity makes it easy to keep a lot of keys and access cards. Set your own 4-digit combination for keyless entry with maximum security.

You can secure your keys for others and ensure no one is locked out.

Usage for our Lock Box is ideal for Businesses, Contractors & Sub-Contractors, Property Managers, Realtors, Children and Family, Assisted Living Facilities, Camp Sites, Cleaning & Maintenance Personnel, Private Schools and College Dormitories, Warehouse, Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Gyms, Resorts, Vacation Rentals Great for Runners and Outdoor Water Sports

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