LULIND – Wall Mounted Rustic Key Holder (Vintage Cast Iron)

Don’t ever lose your keys again…

We won’t promise you any miracles, but with this rustic wall mounted key holder you might never misplace your keys again. Such a simple and affordable solution to an old problem!

Simply the prettiest…

This is hands down the prettiest key holder ever made, period. Whether you are looking to decorate your entryway, hallway or your boot room, this antique skeleton key hanger is sure to get people talking.

Quality craftsmanship that will last…

This sturdy painted cast iron key rack with 3 hooks will keep your keys organized for years to come. Plus, the included screws make installation as easy as can be!

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Iron Lock – Key Lock Box, Combination Portable Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Key Lock Box, 4 Digit Combination Lock Box, Key Lock Box, A/B Switch (Grey, Black)

✅This Portable Lock Box cover goes up and down and when up, it protects the combination from weather, dirt and molded material.
it is important to keep the Protective cover up to protect your combination from sand, salt, dust and other means to prevent the combination from getting stuck.

✅Dimensions between the shackle are a Vertical Clearance of 1.85 in. x 1.6 in.

✅What’s in the box is one key lock box, one removable shackle wrapped in rubber for protection, a hanger hook and a user manual with a lifetime warranty.

✅Large Storage Area for your Keys, Store Keys, I.D.’s, Business Keys and Access Cards.

✅Portable Lock Box is set to open from thousands of personalized four-digit combinations you can choose.

Our Waterproof Portable Key Lock Box is one of the most versatile models out there.
The Iron Lock Box ensures your keys will be safe and you won’t get locked out.
Heavy Duty Weather Resistant Aluminum Alloy Body features a strong Zinc Alloy lock body for durability and a removable shackle making this easy to place anywhere.

Our Black outer layer is one of the strongest plastics made in the World.

Our Portable Key Lock Box is weather resistant, waterproof and scratch resistant.

This Portable Lock Box enables secure storage and keeps your keys and cards protected with your own passcode entry.
Large internal cavity makes it easy to keep a lot of keys and access cards. Set your own 4-digit combination for keyless entry with maximum security.

You can secure your keys for others and ensure no one is locked out.

Usage for our Lock Box is ideal for Businesses, Contractors & Sub-Contractors, Property Managers, Realtors, Children and Family, Assisted Living Facilities, Camp Sites, Cleaning & Maintenance Personnel, Private Schools and College Dormitories, Warehouse, Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Gyms, Resorts, Vacation Rentals Great for Runners and Outdoor Water Sports

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NACTECH Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer Gold Iron Arrow Necklace Holder Heavy Jewelry Storage Rack with 6 Hooks 2 Screws for Earrings Bracelets Necklaces Key Chains

Do you think earring necklace placed in a jewelry box, is easy to pile up together, and not neat and unsightly?
Do you think that other necklace holders are not large enough to store space, jewelry accessories are crowded, and they are easily entangled?
Do you think wooden jewelry stands are flimsy and not durable?
Golden jewellery shelf has six hooks, and the bottom of the hook is wider. Shelf is more neat and more beautiful than jewelry box. Perfect for your delicate earring necklace, and creative arrow design is suitable for the room, living room and furniture decoration.
Distance between the two hooks of modern necklace holder is about 1.1 inch, bigger than other necklace holders. Well-made jewelry rack is not easy to cause jewelry accessories to be crowded and entangled. At the same time, jewelry rack is convenient for you to hang jewelry.
Made of high-quality metal iron, earring bracket is more durable than the wooden bracket and has a greater load-bearing capacity to support your beautiful heavy-duty necklace.

Material: Iron
Color: Gold
Appearance: Arrow design
Dimensions: 13.4 inch x 2.6 inch
Distance between the two hooks : Approx 1.1 inch
Screw size: 1 inch x 0.31 inch
Package included: 1pcs x wall mounted hanging jewelry organizer

Installation Steps:
1. Choose a place you want to install and mark the size
2. Make hole at the mark place with a hole punch.
3. Put screw into the hole, and tighten the screws with a screwdriver to complete the installation.

1. Do not use in wet environment, in order to extend the service life of iron hanging jewelry organizer
2. In order to make the bracket stronger, drill a little deeper when punching.

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