Key Lock Box for Outside – Combination Lockbox for House Keys – Wall Mount Key Hiders with Waterproof Cover – Key Safe Storage Lock Box to Hide a Key Outside with 5 Keys Capacity

Does this look familiar?
Hiding your keys underneath your doormat or under flower pots to give your friend or family access to your home which is usually given very minimal security.

Then our Key Lock Box is the perfect solution for you.
Whether you want to give another person access to your home, office, store, or hide a key outside, we know you deserve the best and we have got you covered. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
Our Key Lock boxes are backed by our manufacturer’s 30 days money back guarantee and 12 months warranty.

1. It’s NOT recommend to use combination such as “A-A-A-A”, which might be easily cracked. 
2. DO NOT forget your own password, or you have no way to get it back.
3. Please keep the shutter door closed for weather resistance. 
4. Please rotate the dials weekly to keep them work properly. 

How to set combination code:
1. Slide down the protective cover.
2. Open the box with defaulted code 0-0-0-0.
3. Push down the reset button to position B.
4. Change it to new code of your choosing.
5. Push the rest button back to position A.

External Dimension: 4.7in*3.5in*1.6inch(L*W*H)
Inner Dimension: 3.7in x 2.6in x 1.4in (L*W*H)
Material: Aluminum/Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel
Weight: 1.1 lbs

Package Included:
1 x Key Lock Box
4 x Screw
4 x Expansion plug
1 x User manual

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Key Lock Box, Wall Mounted Outside Combination Key Safe Box, Combo Door Locker, Weatherproof, 6 Key Capacity, Lockbox with Code for House Key Storage, for Home, Office, School Spare Keys


Key lock box can either be wall mounted or hung anywhere. Not only for indoor & outdoor key storage, the lock box is also perfect to store small valuable items like a spare card key, USB thumb drive, credit card, etc.


1.The initial password key safe is 0000, pushed up in front of a small blackboard cover, you can see the encryption key and a black switch.

2. In case the password is correct, push the black switch online, safe silver panel cover to pop up.

【Change the password】

1.Please Push the RESET lever to position “B”

2. Please Rotate the dials to set your password

3. Please Push the RESET lever to position “A”, and you will Successfully set up new password!

Warm tips: When you set the completion password, please check if the password is correct.


1. Please remember to always hang the product vertically (with the shackle loop up) as intended to prevent against water inadvertently finding a seam.

2. To avoid forgetting your password, you can save it by taking a photo with your phone.

3. To prevent easy password cracking, it is recommended to use 4 digit combination of different.

4. Do not remove the spring steel otherwise it will difficult to open the case.


1 x Key lock box

4 x Screw

4 x Expansion plug

1 x User manual

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Key Lock Box For Outside – TOWOKE Weatherproof and Resettable 4 Digit Combination Lock Box For House Key, 2 IN 1 Wall Mounted Key Storage Lockbox with Removable Shackle for House AirBNB,6 Key Capacity

As we move away from the era of leaving keys under flower pots, doormat or with your next door neighbor, it is getting more difficult to find safe places to leave keys for family members, colleagues or even carers so that a property can be accessed at various different times. Key safe is the perfect choice for those times when a key needs to be left in a safe place for somebody to retrieve.

Product features
Reinforced zinc alloy Body withstands hammering and sawing
4 digit combination key lock box offers 10,000 combinations
Slide away shutter conceals dials and offers protection from weather
Easy to use and easy to install
Holds up to a small bunch of 6 keys
Steel and zinc alloy material
2 way installation

How to hang it on doorknob
1.Push the button to left
2.Pull up the shackle to separate it from the safe lock body
3.Hang the shackle over a doorknob
4.Push the shackle into the safe lock body

How to install this key lock box on wall
1.Draw screw outline
2.Drill holes
3.Nail the wall plugs
4.Insert and tighten screws

How to set combination
1.Use defaulted code 0-0-0-0 to open the key lock box
2.Push the reset lever to position B
3.Set your personalized password
4.Push the rest lever back to position A

What’s in the Box
1* Key Safe Box
4* Wall Plugs
4* Short Screws
1* Instruction

Detailed information available on our homepage…