Winners Bank200 (Pink) The perfect cash holder/metal wallet for casino game players

If you are the type of person who likes to limit risk and gain an advantage while playing a game for stakes in casinos, then, the Winners Bank200 is for you. It is a sleek pocket-sized bank made of a light weight metal to secure your winnings. It is black in color which is associated with power, elegance, formality, mystery, authority, rebellion, sophistication, and the unknown. The back of the bank is chrome and comes with two keys. When you’re having a winning occasion, just put that money into the Winners Bank200 and you will have something to show for your gambling venture. Winners Bank200 is a great gift of gamblers and is guaranteed to help them manage their winnings.

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Cruise Lanyard [2-Pack] Lanyards with ID Holder for Cruise Ship Key Cards – Essentials & Must Have Accessories by Cruise On (Blue & Pink)

You get TWO [2] Cruise Lanyard ID & Key Card Holder items. These must-have cruise accessories are essential for keeping track of your Cruise Key Card and looking “Cruise Chic” while doing so.

The heavy duty, premium nylon will last for many cruises and your waterproof badge holder is of tough plastic with ziploc action.

This is perfect for keeping track of your Cruise Key Card and other valuables, while roaming your cruise ship and ports. The waterproof pouch will assure that your ID, Money, Cruise Key Card, and other items stay nice and dry. This Cruise Accessory is an essential for kids, who are always losing their Cruise Key Cards!

The detachable lanyard allows you even more access to your cruise card and the retractable badge reel offers flexibility when using. You’ll never have to take it off!

  • DON’T carry around a wallet or purse!
  • DON’T lose your Cruise ID!
  • And DON’T let your cards get wet in your pocket!

Our Cruise Lanyard with ID Holder solves all of these problems. And, it looks great around your neck!

The product is made from the #1 Cruise Accessory brand, CRUISE ON, and satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not happy with your Cruise Lanyard for any reason, we’ll be happy to offer a full refund!

Happy cruising!

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Ikee Design Premium Wooden Pink Musical Jewelry Box Organizer Storage with Lock and Key

Product Details- Make Every Necessity At Your Fingertips!

This wind-up musical jewelry box in elegant pink is eye-popping! It is made of sturdy wood and features a pocket on the inside of the lid, four divided compartments, a large compartment, a small compartment with a lid, and four rows of ring slots. This jewelry box also includes a lock and a key for added security. The interior is lined with beige velvet to protect your jewelry from scratches. The winding mechanism plays the tune of Swan Lake.


☑ Features a pouch, five storage compartments, a compartment with a lid, and four rows of ring slots.

☑ Plays Swan Lake.

☑ Made of sturdy wood with a glossy pink finish and comes with a lock and a key.

☑ Overall Dimensions: 9 1/3″W x 6 9/10″D x 3″H.

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