A10SHOP Omega 6 Wooden Key Holder with Wall Decor Shelf (Slate Grey)

Made of good grade Prelam MDF Wood with Wood Grain Finish. A compact wall shelf with key holder ideal to be placed in the entry way or any wall to hang your keys with 5 Metal hooks for hanging all types of keys and a Wall Shelf to keep a beautiful figurine or showpiece.

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Combo of Two Handcrafted Wooden Peacock Key Hanger, (8 Pack),Wooden Key Holder for Wall,Christmas Decor Key Holders for Wall Decor Wooden Wall Mounted Key Rack Hanger Peacock

This wooden key holder hand carved with traditional techniques by the rural artisans of India.Can be easily hung with the help of a hook given behind it Can be hung on walls, cupboards, doors, etc. Can be used as a wall piece too.

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Wooden Secret Jewelry Box Puzzle Magic Case, Big Size, Secret stash Safe Compartment Place Lock with Hidden Key, Money Rack, Brain Teaser, Smart Trick – Measures 6.3″x4.4″x3.6″

Constructed from a wide variety of local timbers from Transylvania, each box is beautifully detailed. To open each Puzzle, some steps are required. Each Puzzle has an exterior measurement of 6.3 in / 16 cm x 4.4 in / 11 cm x 3.6 in / 9 cm. Inside each Trick Box is a sizeable secret compartment measuring 4.7 in / 12 cm x 2.7 in / 7 cm x 1.5 in / 3.8 cm , with a nice fabric lining the floor of the box. A high gloss finish protects each piece from scuffs and markings. The solution may be moderately difficult for those unfamiliar with this style of Puzzle. The weight of this box is 410 g / 0.9b / 14 oz Constructed of SYCAMORE wood Opening steps: 1) Slide the front piece below the main body of the box to the left, as far as it will go 2) Slide the main body of the box forward 3) Slide and remove the panel containing the key and remove the key 4) Slide down and remove the slat covering the keyhole 5)Use key to open the box Package Includes: 1 x Magic box

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